The Bali Suite

This movie, “The Bali Suite” is a movie completely recorded on the island of Bali. The camera used is a very simple cheap video recorder. The movie has 3 parts.

Tracks from The Bali Suite

01. Introduction

02. Kali Buk Buk

03. Triologia

04. Rumah Kita (Our house)

05. Lovina (North of Bali)

06. Adios a Bali

Here you can listen the Bali Suite played by Alfred, the work is not available on scores yet. We are working on it.

The title, the Bali Suite, is because during our vacations on the Island of Bali I started to compose the guitar music which you will be able to hear during the movie.

The suite has 5 pieces and has a duration of 19 minutes and 20 seconds.

It is a so-called slow movie, an overall look of images, sounds, impressions of the island, Coks, my wife and I Alfred Feenstra had the luck to be for four weeks on the island and live in an amazing house with no walls in an equal amazing garden (start of the movie shows it with the music of the first 4 pieces of the Bali suite as background music) all the rest of the movie are shots from excursions and happenings, ceremonies and events, impressions of the people and their habits of life full of traditions.

First Part


Second Part


Third Part


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