You have found my recently opened webshop with scores of the guitar pieces that I created during my guitar life as a  free classical guitarist.

The word free contains the fact that I compose not having any theoretical knowledge of composing I just compose through my hands and the musical intuition that I have in my soul.

All pieces have been born through events, impressions but most through deep emotions. I remember my pieces and play and shape them every time to try to regain the original emotion of the birth of the piece.

When I have the feeling that the creating and shaping process has finished the piece is ready. Friends help me out to write them down for me.(costly process, for that reason I ask some money to be able to go on).

And so I can now present them to guitar players like you and challenge you to pick one or two or more to play them and find pleasure or peace in the music.

For me, this webshop and site is a monument and a palet-in-short of my life. The best response that I got and I hope to get more when more people are getting to know my music and play it is remarked as I was by people who know my music until now:

– Per-Olov Kindgren wrote to me: Thank you for the Alma album! It is absolutely beautiful and I like all the pieces very much!! And, above all, it is very beautifully played.
I printed the scores and had a good look at them yesterday. I like them all. Very sensitive and with a certain “Spanish, sad and longing mood” to them. I like that!
I think you are a brilliant composer and also a performer! It is very “alive” and reminds me very much of A. Segovia’s way of playing

– “Listening to your music makes me so calm inside I feel peace when I listen to your music.”

– “Listening to your music I feel that you take me with you on a journey I feel always the deep sense in your music and songs for guitar.”

– “For me, you are like Tarrega a writer of nice melodies.” (That was David Russell who said that it took me a while to realize what he has said!)

– “Your music is nice,  honest and not pretending.” (Marcin Dylla said that)

– “There is something in your music.” ( Manuel Barrueco said that)

– “Nacido en Valencia contains 18 small jewels, a pleasure for the ear.” (John Duarte, UK, said that)

I have very much hope that as many as possible guitarists will play my music all over the world and send recordings to me. I know that there are so many amazingly good players and I am sure that my pieces could be played better than I have been able to play them.

That really will make me happy.

You will find some videos of fine guitarists playing my music I hope you will find inspiration seeing and listening to them.

Alfred Feenstra