The Saint Mary Guitar Suite

The Saint Mary Guitar Suite, that you find here its roots through a friendship that started with Fred Vásquez , a client that visited my webshop and bought several times some of my pieces, and I got more and more in contact through emails and and later whatsapp messages. Fred expressed very positives comments on my music and confirmed that by buying more and more pieces.

Quite soon the contact became more and more personal and so I Heard that Fred , a guitar teacher and guitarist living in New York, had recently lost his wife due to cancer. She died in his arms. It was for Fred the most life changing day in his whole life.

That day he became a religious man and he wanted to dedícate the rest of his life to connect guitar music in a spiritual way and above all to Saint Mary.

So after a few months we got to know each other he asked me to write a suite for the guitar and to write the music in honour of Saint Mary and also to dedícate one of the pieces of the suite to his wife Lorraine who always was very dedicated to Saint Mary. For me it was quite easy to understand what he meant and wanted, my mother Agatha Maria Feenstra Borst, also was a woman that was very dedicated to Maria. 

Maria was a great support for her during her whole life giving comfort and spiritual peace to her in her hard life.

I started working and writing and each day I got more clear what I wanted and each day was more aware and I could feel more and better what I wanted to express.I learned quite some information visiting a website and found some heartbreaking information that inspired me more and more.

You find here now 7 pieces, 4 of them are dedicated to the children of Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje where Saint Mary appeared to them.

I would like to invite you to listen The Saint Mary Guitar Suite greatly played by guitarist Thu Le

If you want to see the artwork full size, please click on image below

01. Lienzo para Francisco

02. Lienzo para Jacinta

03. Chanson pour Bernadette

04. María te llama

05. Alegría

06. Felicidad y Aparición en Medjugorje

07. Aria para Lorraine

Lienzo para San Francisco is dedicated to Francisco Marto, he was very Young and Maria appeared to him and his sister Jacinta ( the second piece is dedicated to her) in Fatima. Jacinta was a little bit older. They had more often contact with Maria and she announced to them that God wanted them to be closer to him in the near future. Both died at very short age, what I find very sad though maybe a bit comforting that they went straight to heaven.Anyway I wanted to dedícate the first 2 pieces to them.

Chanson pour Bernadette (in French) is dedicated to Bernadette Soubirous. She had many times contact with Saint Mary who appeared to her close to a cave in Lourdes , France.

I understood form me studying the information of the Marypages site, that Bernadette was badly treated during her life dedicated to Maria but not respected by the church at that time by the nons of the monastery. I gave her the third song to honour her.

The fourth song, Maria te llama, (Mary calls you) I wanted to express the love that many, many women in the whole world feel through Saint Mary and from Saint Mary. An everlasting flow of love that most women are capable of feeling and to transmit. I dedicated this piece to my mom and to Lucia dos Santos (Fatima together with Francisco and Jacinta).

The fifth song, an “Alegría” (happiness) on special request of Fred Vásquez to have an uprithm piece as well in the suite. The name is easy to explain, Maria brings happiness and love.

The sixth song is dedicated to the children of Medjugorje (Herzegovina), especially to Marija Pavlovic , she has been in contact for decades very regularly with Maria, who gave many messages for the world to her (see Marypages web).

Listening to the piece and maybe even playing the piece, have in mind a group of young playing children in the mountains being happy and gay , that at sudden a beautiful sound (a nice chord on the guitar) announces the appearance of Maria than expressed with a beautiful part of a special technique on the guitar similar to a tremolo but the a-m-i fingers not on one string but on 2 strings. The same nice chord announces the leaving of Maria, and happily the children start playing again in their beautiful environment. It is my favorite piece together with.

The Aria para Lorraine, the wife of Fred Vásquez, the last piece of the suite. I tried making her speak, from heaven where she must be now, to Fred and tell him comforting words and to go on with his life and to be happy with his new partner Vita who also lost her partner through cancer, the same time as Fred more or less.

This Suite is about Maria, so about love and comfort.

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