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En el espiritu del maestro Rodrigo orchestra score


En el espiritu del maestro Rodrigo orchestra score.

After creating the “guitar festival Maestro Joaquin Rodrigo, Quartell”, I studied closer and intenseness the music that created the master. I was amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty of quite many of his works. Next to the absolutely beautiful songs he made, and of course the works for guitar and orchestra as the Concierto de Aranjuez and Fantasia of a Gentilhombre, I was deeply impressed by the Cantico of Francisco de Assis. That work was so much for me that I only could bare listen to it once in some weeks. My piece here I wrote inspired by the great master and I just hope that I can touch just a bit of the feeling that he created with his cantico.
I wrote the guitar piece and David Eres Brun the orchestral scores.

Playing this piece, I promise, is a very pleasant experience and I invite you to try it and give it as much colour and rest as you can.



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